Greening A Block An urban showcase of energy efficiency, pollution reduction, job development and community sustainability.
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The idea for Greening a Block was hatched by three active members of the Neighborhood Energy Network:

Charles Komanoff

Economist and environmental activist Charles Komanoff was an expert witness for EREC (East River Environmental Coalition) in contesting Con Ed’s East River Power Plant expansion. He has researched and reported on energy-efficiency policies at the local and national levels since the 1970s, and managed a comprehensive NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) study of Con Edison residential and commercial energy-efficiency programs conducted with the co-operation of Con Ed. Charles has published numerous monographs and journal articles along with popular pieces on air pollution technology, policy and health effects. An economics graduate of Harvard, Charles is a leading practitioner of environmental and energy cost-benefit and financial analysis. He lives with his wife and two children in lower Manhattan and has an office in NoHo.

Jeff Perlman

Jeff is President of Bright Power, Inc., an energy-efficiency and renewable energy consulting company. He is co-founder and former co-executive director of Big Apple Solar Installation Commitment (BASIC), a non-profit that teaches New Yorkers the benefits and practicality of installing and using solar energy systems on buildings. Jeff has designed, installed and/or obtained financing for solar and energy-efficiency projects on over half-a-dozen buildings in the New York area. As co-executive director of BASIC, he organized and promoted well-attended events about developing solar energy in NYC, made presentations to numerous audiences around the city, and managed a team of over twenty volunteers. As a consultant with Capital E he co-authored the ground-breaking report, “The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings,” the findings of which are referenced in pending New York City Council green building legislation. A native New Yorker (he spent his early years in Stuyvesant Town), Jeff holds a degree in Applied Physics from Yale. He lives in Brooklyn and has an office in Manhattan.

Lois Sturm

Lois is the founder of Neighborhood Energy Network. She is one of the Lower East Side's most dedicated and effective energy activists, organizing forums and other presentations to educate the citizens of her community about cleaner, healthier, more responsible and more cost-effective energy usage and policies.

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